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The Center of Ecological Systems ad Technologies ECOST was established by scientists and specialists who immigrated from the former USSR.

The Center works in the following fields:

  1. Development and implementation of highly efficient projects and proposals in the field of ecology intended for solving the following problems:
    • purification and disinfection of natural and waste water;
    • processing and recycling of solid water;
    • strategy of sustainable ecologically oriented development of Israel and other Middle East countries.
  2. Development and implementation of ecological education programs intended for various groups (specialists, school children, general education).
  3. Cooperation with ecological organizations in Israel and abroad. Organization of joint professional courses and ecological seminars.

 ECOST can provide:

  • pollution monitoring for natural and waste water based on original express methods and devices which allow to determin general concentration of microflora, organic pollutios, mineral salts, microelements, ions of heavy metals, etc.;
  • development and implementation of compact local devices for neutralization and recycling of solid industrial, urban and medicine waste - the devices were developed in cooperation with the firms from the former USSR;
  • development and implementation of algorithms and programs for selection of optimal water saving structure of subregional develoment in the special conditions of the Middle East and Central Asia.

The results of the work performed by ECOST were reported at Israeli and international conferences and congresses of Israeli Society for Ecology and Environmental Quality Science (ISEEQS), International Association for Water Quality (IAWQ), International Water Supply Association (IWSA), International Water Resources Association (IWRA), Interdisciplinary Environmental Association (IEA), a diploma of Henry Ford Foundation.

ECOST is ready to furnish any possible assistance to organizations and companies upon provision of necessary information.

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