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Communal Projects >> Exhibition of Children's Ecological Paintings "Give the Nature a Chance" >> Paintings

Apprentices of Lera Barshtein

Aryeh Weiner, 9 y.o.

Asher Epshtein, 9 y.o.

Yoni Barshtein, 9 y.o.

Yohevet Kravtzov, 17 y.o.

Liel Barkov, 8 y.o.

Maya Mintz, 10 y.o.

Nikita Shevtsov, 10 y.o.

Chana Kopilovich, 7 y.o.

Shani Yoffe, 8 y.o.

Sheli Goltzman, 8 y.o.


Emili Yoffe, 6 y.o.


Apprentices of Natalya Goncharova-Kantor


Abigal Kravitz, 8 y.o.

Gavriel Kantor, 11 y.o.

Daniel Barish, 10 y.o.

Eva Viltkov, 9 y.o.

Eva Viltkov, 9 y.o.

Mark Balla, 9 y.o.

Sasha Fiks, 11 y.o.

Tali Rozen, 8 y.o.  

Apprentices of Julia Zubenko

Guy Kantorer, 9 y.o.

Dasha Grigorians, 8 y.o.

Itay Krakovich, 5 y.o.

Tal Vaisman, 7 y.o.

Shani Nimdar, 5 y.o.

Sheli Faikin, 7 y.o.

Sheli Faikin, 7 y.o.