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International Intra- and Extramural Conference "Factors of Ecological Safety and Sustainable Global Development for Man-Family-Society"

International Conference "Current Issues of Ecological Safety: Cleaning of Water Sources and Air Basin; Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste"

Scientific Seminars and Conferences "Ecological Problems in Israel"

Exhibitions of Projects of New Immigrant Scientists and Specialists in the Sphere of Environment

Scientific proposals offered by ECOST members

Nonna Manusov, Efim Manusov
Research of eco-systemic properties of Israel and its application to inculcation of Jewish consciousness among immigrants

Nonna Manusov, Efim Manusov, Ludmila Kireycheva
Development of the theory of counter-directed advective and diffusion flows for fresh underground water resources formation, their preservation and protection from pollution

Nonna Manusov, Efim Manusov, Vladimir Alekseenko
Investigation of the influence of geology and geophysical factors on the technogenesis development and its consequences in the certain regions

Nonna Manusov, Efim Manusov, Ludmila Kireycheva
Elaboration of hydro-physical theory of functioning of subtropical zone semi-arid agro-landscapes with underground fresh water resources (UFWR) and development of a water economy strategy on its basis.