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Scientific Seminars and Conferences "Ecological Problems in Israel"

Urban Ecology in Israel
December 2013

Modern State of Ecology in Israel
December 2012

Sustainable Development in Israel
December 2011

Modern State and Ways of Stabilization of Environment in Israel
November 2011

Saving the Dead Sea
September 2011

System Approach to Resolving Ecological Problems in Israel
December 2010

Water Crisis in Israel and Ways of Its Overcoming
December 2009

Solution of Peculiar Ecological Problems of Israel
September 2008

Ecology As a Bridge Between Science And Society
November 2007

Ecological Engineering And Ecosystems
November 2006

Sustainable Development of Israel
December 2005

New Immigrant Scientists and Specialists for Environment in Israel
November 2004

Technology As a Means to Solve Ecological Problems in Israel
November-December 2002

Technologies For Water Treatment And Desalination And For Water Saving
December 2001

Urban Ecology
November 2001

Ecological Problems of Jerusalem ("Sustainable Jerusalem")
December 2000

Ecological Problems of Beer-Sheva and Negev
October 1999

Ecological Problems of Israel
August 1998